Dr. Yves Surlemont
Member of SOFCPRE and ISAPS, international expert on fat grafting, presents Lipopen technology at IMCAS Paris 2019.

Comparative study of motorised injection LIPOPEN vs. manual technique for micro fat-grafting in the lower eyelid.

1. The injection technique is much easier with Lipopen system compared with the manual injection.


2. Clinical result is far superior on the side injected with Lipopen.


3. On the Lipopen injected side, the fat-graft was deposited (...) without breach of septum.

Prof. Ali Mojallal, Lyon, France

Comparative studies

A promising tool for surgical lipotransfer:

a constant pressure and quantity injection device 

in facial fat grafting

The long term satisfaction was higher for the left [device] side than for the right [manual] one.

Nodules and unevenness occurred only on the manual side.

Ecchymosis occurred significantly less frequent on the device side than the manual one.

Intraoperative pain was significantly lower for device side than the manual one.

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Facial fat grafting with

a prototype injection control device

The desired degree of correction was more consistent, recovery was faster, and procedural efficiency was improved when performing the procedure with the ICD compared to historical use of the manual method of injection. Minor irregularities were the only complications encountered.

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