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Complete Kit includes

Lipopen x1
2-year warranty, made in Switzerland.
+1 battery incl.
Syringe holder x20
Sterilized, single-use
3mL syringe x100
Sterile, single-use, breakable plunger
Battery x2
Non-rechargeable, min.50 cycles
Sterilized sleeve x20
In individual pouch, insertion funnel
Protective sleeves x250
OPTIONAL, not suitable for sterile procedures

Lipopen is available through distributors in most countries. Should a distributor not be available in your country, please contact us.


Lipopen by Juvaplus SA, Switzerland

Avenue de Miremont 12, 1206 Geneva

Tel +41 22 588 66 89


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Battery x2

Non-rechargeable, min.50 cycles